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"Opal Evening" was inspired by the soft summer sunsets of fawn season. Printed on a rainbow of pastel handmade papers to show off the fleeting beauty of dusk. This print features a rainbow roll sky, a landscape made with a reduction block and an embossed moon! Because the block was cut down after each layer, only 41 prints exist.


Which is your favorite mood of dusk? Choose the exact print you will receive. See back-of-print reference photo for a better view of the paper color 


Prints are signed on the back and will include a separate signed slip if you would like to add it to the back of a frame. 

Opal Evening - group 1

  • Due to the nature of the hand printing process, each print will have a unique character and may vary slightly from the photographs in color, registration etc


    Handmade paper will vary in thickness and edge shape and may have pulp inclusions that show up as dots or lines on the surface



    Paper Size approx: 7” x 5”

    Print Size: 7” x 5”

    Paper Color: Various Pastel

    Ink Color: Sunset rainbow roll and grays



    Handmade Paper / archival Cranfield, Speedball and Gamblin inks



    Designed and printed by Wendi Dibbern at Quarry House Press

    ⓒQuarryHousePress -- all rights reserved

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