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"New Moon - Glow” is inspired by the (somewhat) new discovery that our Moon has an invisible comet-like-tail! This tail passes over the earth during the new moon. I know I'll never look at the moon the same again ... what wonderful moon magic!!


This listing is for one print  from a hand carved linoleum block. Created from my original design in a limited 2nd edition of 100 printed in Supergraphic Black ink

New Moon - B+ W

  • Due to the nature of the hand printing process, each print will have a unique character and may vary slightly from the photographs in color, registration etc



    Paper Size: 4" x 10" approx.

    Print Size: 3.25" x 9.25"

    Paper Color: White-cream

    Ink Color: Supergraphic Black



    Rives lightweight - acid-free paper /  Gamblin and Cranfield oil relief inks 



    Designed and printed by Wendi Dibbern at Quarry House Press

    ⓒQuarryHousePress -- all rights reserved

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