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***This print is on sale to make room for new prints. Give this print a good home for an awesome price!


“Moon Moods” is printed in one color from a hand carved linoleum block. Created from my original design. The night before the beautiful full moon in August, I felt the it laughing at me and my little human problems and the next night it was the complete opposite … so calming and beautiful 🌚 🌝 Signed and numbered in a limited edition of 60 in Black and White and 34 in Glow

Moon Moods - SALE

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

Due to the nature of the hand printing process, each print will have a unique character and may vary slightly from the photographs in color, registration etc



Paper Size approx: 5” x 7”

Print Size: 3.5” x 5”

Paper Color: White-cream

Ink Color: Black -OR- Glow (rainbow roll) -OR- Pastel (rainbow roll)



100% cotton, neutral pH paper / archival Cranfield, Speedball and Gamblin inks



Designed and printed by Wendi Dibbern at Quarry House Press

ⓒQuarryHousePress -- all rights reserved

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