"Harmonic Den" and its counterpart "Resonant Exploration" are set in an undetermined future and present technology not currently in existence. How did this feline being arrive on the moon? What are the mechanisms that keep him and his plant-like 'companions' alive? Is he lonely?


“Harmonic Den” is printed in six colors from six hand carved linoleum blocks. Created from my original design in a signed, limited edition of 16


Harmonic Den


Due to the nature of the hand printing process, each print will have a unique character and may vary slightly from the photographs in color, registration etc.



Paper Size approx: 11” x 14”

Print Size: 8.75” x 11.75”

Paper Color: White-cream

Ink Color: Pink, Yellow, Teal, Light Gray, Red, Space Grey



100% cotton, neutral pH paper / archival Cranfield, Speedball and Gamblin inks



Designed and printed by Wendi Dibbern at Quarry House Press

ⓒQuarryHousePress -- all rights reserved